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Preventive Dentistry

Brady Dental Group a family dental practice in Amarillo, Texas, focuses on patient education and preventive dentistry practices to help each patient get what they want: great teeth. Digital X-rays and digital photos are used to document conditions of each patient’s mouth.

Daily brushing and flossing is essential to prevent decay and periodontal disease. The majority of dental problems that may develop over a person’s lifetime can be prevented with proper daily hygiene.

Regular Dental Check-ups are vital in controlling periodontal disease. X-rays are used to detect oral disease in its earliest stages. Decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and oral cancer are just a few of the problems that are less expensive and less painful to repair with early detection. New studies have shown a link between heart disease, diabetes, and gum disease. Brady Dental Group, a family dental practice in Amarillo, Texas, will strive to help you maintain optimal oral health. Our cancer screening exams have diagnosed several cancers in our patients. These have been successfully treated because of early detection.

Sealants, Fluoride Treatments and Prescription Strength Mouthwash are all techniques which research has proven to be effective for reducing and preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Don't Smoke. Periodontal disease in smokers is more severe, progresses faster and responds poorly to treatment. Staining is more frequent in smokers and they have a greater chance to be victims of oral cancer than non-smokers.

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